Monday, April 23, 2012

the fall of the Inca empire

That Francisco Pizarro was a threat but the Incas didn't think of him as a threat just some nobody so he declared to have i guess dinner or launch with him so he only rook 5000 men but he said that was barley any thing plus they had no weapon's of any sort or kind so francisco Pizarro told there king to forget about there gods and he just laughed and francisco Pizarro had taken him over and his men threw time there king was bagging for his freedom back with money so he gave V a whole lot of gold but he just kept him there and said he was accused for false of gods to many wives plotting a rebullian and many more crimes but i don't think that was true he just wanted a whole lot power that he didn't have at the time so threw thick and thin he waited and waited but when time when but the empire started to fall apart and that's the way the Incas empire fell to the ground.